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Why fall beach vacations rock!

Think summer is the ONLY time to visit the beach?

Think again!

Don’t feel left out if you couldn’t make it out this past summer. Fall beach vacations can be a great option for many reasons.

Read on to see why you might even consider fall-time to be the optimal time for your next beach outing.


Family On Beach Vacation Running Through Dunes


  1. Less crowds

The summer is the peak time for the beach, and consequently, you’ll have to share the beach and attractions with throngs of other vacationers. During the fall, you’ll have less competition for beach space and restaurant seating.

  1. Lower rates

You’ll usually find lower rates for rentals in the fall than in the summer, so you’ll be able to use the extra funds for more souvenirs or fancier restaurants, or you can simply pocket the savings for next time.

  1. Fishing

Related to the last reason, the fishing charter rates might also be cheaper in the fall. Also, with potentially less clients, they might be able to provide even more 1-on-1 attention. Check with the local charters for more details.

  1. Delightful weather

Now this one might be up for debate, but for those who enjoy cooler climates, the fall time can be hard to beat. Imagine blissfully strolling down the beach without fear of scorching heat. (That said, be sure to bring layers of clothing so you can dress up or down as the need arises.)

  1. Fall-only events

There are some events that only happen during the fall months, so check the local calendars to see what interesting things can be seen or done during those times.



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